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My Philosophy

No mother should birth alone! I am a Doula for this type of mom. The mom who wants drugs and the mom who doesn’t. The mom who wants to birth at home and the mom who wants to birth in a hospital. The mom who wants to birth upright and the mom who prefers birthing lying on her back. I’m a Doula for every type of mom. When women are nurtured, loved and protected during birth she can do whatever she puts her mind and body to!

My Story

My Name is Keshun Mobley I have three children and I have been married 14 years to a Marine. One of the reasons I became a Doula was because I know what it’s like to birth alone. I know what’s it’s like to birth with pain medication, and I know what it’s like to birth natural. I want to be there for women the way I needed someone there for me during that special time in my life. As a military spouse pregnancy and birth can be a uncertain time of not knowing if  your spouse will be able to be there for you During your birth. I’ve experienced this and no mother should have to birth alone. 


My profession before becoming a Birth/ Postpartum Doula was Early Childhood Education. I taught everything from Toddler Education to Kindergarteners as a Teachers Aide. I adore children and their families. It would be my pleasure to serve you and your family during one of the most intimate and important events of your lives.

My Training
Certified Birth Doula
Madriella Doula Network 2019

Certified Postpartum Doula

Madriella Doula Network 2019

CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth) Ambassador

BirthSparks LTD 2019



Keshun Mobley


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